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To potential expectant parents who are considering adoption:

Hello from all of us!

We’re Jared, Nell, Andrew and Charlie, and we are ready to love another child! Family is everything to us, and many years of marriage and parenting have brought us to a place where we are excited and fully prepared to welcome another baby into our lives. Andrew (born 2008) and Charlie (born 2011) can’t wait to be the best big brothers and helpers.

We have several adopted children in our extended family, and we have always talked and dreamed about adding a child to our own family through adoption. God used various unexpected circumstances in our lives the last couple of years to lead us to a decision to pursue this long-term desire.

You are considering making a courageous decision, and we can’t imagine how difficult this time may be for you. If you choose adoption, we know God has the perfect family for your child, and if that happens to be ours, we can’t wait to meet you!

Blessings, hope, and gratitude,

Our Family

Who we are as a family:

We both attended a small liberal arts college in Indiana where we met through mutual friends our freshman year in 1999. We we were married in 2002, and after many years of marriage and parenting, our relationship is stronger than ever.

We chose to live in the Indianapolis area after Jared found his first job in the finance industry. In the meantime, Nell invested in her real estate career until we decided to start our family and gave birth to Andrew in 2008. At this time Nell decided to stay home, and in 2011 we welcomed Charlie into our family as well. We are also parents to a Labrador retriever, Magnus, and a Holland Lop bunny, Elliott. Although we adore our close knit family, we have never been able to close the door on adding another child.

In 2014, Jared was offered a career opportunity to move to the Minneapolis area where Nell was raised. We have truly never looked back. While we were sad to leave Jared’s family behind in Indianapolis, we have embraced living only a few minutes away from Nell’s parents. We live in an outlying Minneapolis suburb where we have so many wonderful friends and neighbors as well as an excellent school system. We are so thankful to call Minnesota home, and we plan to build the rest of our lives here.

In her free time, Nell continues to stay home and enjoys volunteer opportunities at school where she co-chairs the Scholastic Book Fair, playing into her passion for children’s literacy. She loves to work in her vegetable gardens and also enjoys socializing with friends, reading mystery novels, and decorating our home. Jared enjoys coaching basketball and baseball and is an avid golfer. His newest hobby is woodworking. His job is flexible, so he is able to be present with our family and work from home when needed. Both Andrew and Charlie love sports, reading and spending time with friends. They have a very close relationship.

We enjoy spending time together as a family taking vacations to California, Arizona and Colorado most frequently, and we also love to explore different National Parks each year. We love being active whether it’s watching the boys play sports, boating at the cabin, spending time at our local Activity Center, or taking a family hike or bike ride. We have a large circle of close friends, and we frequently enjoy pool days, backyard barbecues, and shared dinners out together. We are committed to attending church and raising our children to follow Jesus.

We decided to pursue adoption after we experienced miscarriages in 2018-19. We realized we had a strong desire to add to our family and felt that God was calling us to pursue our long-time dream of adopting rather than another pregnancy of our own. Adoption is truly OUR FIRST CHOICE and we have put our personal fertility on hold with the hope that we will be able to raise an adopted child.

We are in a unique position in our stage of life where we can dedicate a lot of time and attention to a baby. Between Nell being home, Jared’s flexible career, and our boys being at an age where they are increasingly independent, we are excited to invest fully in loving another child.

Our views on openness in adoption:

We want to create an open relationship that feels comfortable to you. We are very flexible on what it may look like and recognize that an open relationship of any kind can help create a strong identity for your child.

Our relationship with you could include a variety of communication styles ranging from shared photos and regular updates to time spent together. We are also open to contact with other family members. We will be understanding if your desire for contact changes or fluctuates at times. We will always do our best to honor our openness commitment.

In addition, we want your child to know and understand their history and background, and we will make every effort to incorporate it into our family’s life. Your child’s biological and racial identity are important to us.

Ultimately, we believe an open relationship will be beneficial for all of us, and we want your child to be loved by as many people as possible.