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To potential expectant parents who are considering adoption:

We are Josh & Cass. We are grateful to you for reading our story and hope it gives you a picture of what our family is about. We know there are a million voices talking to you right now, inside and out. Our wish for you is that you find peace and hope during this process.

Our family has been a journey in the making and we’d love to have you be part of that adventure. We try to be the good parts of family – laughter, friendship, closeness and caring for each other. We are hoping to add both you and your child to our family. We’ll be real with you, open adoption is hard, and awkward at times, but it’s also full of love, possibility, and it can be deeply healing.

Our best to you, now & always. J&C

Who we are as a family:

We are a happy, full of love family, with Sam (5 years), our poodle Tempy (6 years) and a close knit extended family. We adopted Sam in 2015, and we are now excitedly waiting for the newest member of our family. Our home and hearts are ready for them to arrive.

Our extended family lives in the metro and within driving distance. Sam has a few cousins around the same age. Our church community is also a large part of our world – play dates with friends, a strong community, and caring for others.

We enjoy spending time with our extended family as much as possible. During the winter we usually take a family trip to the sunnier states, and during the summer we rent a cabin to spend quality time together and enjoy the lake life. For fun we play board games, knitting and making art, taking family walks, and playing at the park. We love the life we have and the people that make it so much sweeter.

Our views on openness in adoption:

When we began the journey towards adoption, we had no clue what openness would mean for our family. But as we learned more and eventually met Sam’s birth family, we knew we wanted our adoption to be as open as possible. Sam’s birthmother has been a part of our family since the day she chose us to be his parents.

It’s a little messy sometimes, but our friendship with her makes our lives richer. We are so glad she is part of our life and that Sam knows his birthmother. We meet up regularly and enjoy sending her videos and pictures of Sam in action! Our hope would be to have another open adoption. This looks different for each birth family and their needs, but we are comfortable with texts and calls, sharing pictures, and having our second child’s birth family be an extension of our family.