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To potential expectant parents who are considering adoption:

Hi! We’re Mike, Katrina, and Oliver.

Adoption takes a lot of love and hard work from everyone involved. It’s not easy, but it has been the best decision of our lives. We’re ready to grow our family through adoption again, and Oliver is excited to become a big brother.

Thank you for taking time to look at our profile. If you’re considering placing for adoption, we’ve seen how life-changing that decision can be and how much strength and love it takes. We can imagine how overwhelming this must be, and we hope you’ll find peace in whatever decisions you’re facing. If you do place for adoption, we pray that your child finds a good home and always knows how much he or she is loved by you and the adopting family.

Who we are as a family:

We became a family when we married in 2010 and grew by one more in 2016 when we adopted Oliver. We love spending time with friends/family, making music, exploring the city, and getting outdoors. We are both musicians and have enjoyed encouraging Oliver’s biological musical talents and watching his love and joy for music develop. We go to concerts together, play instruments, or just break into dance (and air drumming) parties. We also love to get outdoors. We ride a tandem bike with a kid trailer towed behind — it’s kind of ridiculous, but it’s fun to get everyone on one bike. We make good use of Minneapolis’ abundant parks and restaurants.

Mike loves to dive deep into a hobby and learn everything he can. He has taken on cooking, home renovation, guitar, triathlon, photography, and most recently rock climbing. Cooking is his favorite hobby because he gets to make something special, then serve it to people he loves. He leads a team of software developers at a small, but growing, tech company and really likes the challenges there.

Katrina is naturally a caring “mom” figure. She has been taking care of kids since she was a kid herself and chose early childhood special education as a career. Soon after we adopted Oliver, she switched careers to starting a home daycare where she watches Oliver and another boy who is about a year younger. She loves doing crafty things such as sewing, scrapbooking, crocheting or just making something look good. She loves the feeling of transforming something with just with a little bit of design and elbow grease.

Oliver is amazing. He’s apprehensive in new situations, but give him ten minutes to warm up and he’ll become the life of any party. He loves to laugh, play, build, make music, and talk… and talk… and talk. He’s quick to make friends although sharing is a work in progress, and he likes to entertain people. He’s been obsessed with farms, tractors, and bluegrass music despite living squarely in the city. He has also been a big fan of construction equipment, but most recently he’s been into fire fighters and drums. He’s always been interested in books, will page through them over and over to find his favorite pictures, and even recites his favorite books by heart.

Our views on openness in adoption:

We want our child to have deep roots to their past and have an abundance of people who love them.

It is our hope to have a relationship with our adopted child’s birth parents. We desire to love and respect them and speak positively about our child’s birth parents, sharing how much they love him/her. Adoption is and will always be a topic we discuss openly and positively not only with our family, but friends and acquaintances as well.

We believe every child needs to know their whole history and heritage to contribute to their personal understanding of themselves. We hope the birth parents will be open to filling that need.

We recognize that openness requires a relationship and, as with any relationship, there may be periods of more or less frequent contact over the years depending on life circumstances and availability. At a minimum, we are committed to sending yearly updates and pictures. It is our hope that the relationship would result in physical meetings – having the birth parents feel like part of an extended family and being a regular presence in our child’s life.

Mike and Katrina
Mike and Katrina
Mike and Katrina
Mike and Katrina