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To potential expectant parents who are considering adoption:


We just want you to know that we are so grateful that you would take the time to get to know us. We cannot fathom how difficult or uncomfortable this process must be for you as you decide how to move forward in making plans for you and your child. If there’s one thing that we both have in common, it’s the wisdom that life doesn’t always go as planned. Please know that even though we can’t relate to all that you’re going through, you and your little one are close to our hearts. We truly hope in some small way, that through the decision making process that you will feel the love, admiration, and appreciation from families like us who are grateful for your consideration to adoption.

If you decide to make an adoption plan, we want you to know that we will:
• Raise our child to know that they are loved completely and perfectly by their Heavenly Father and live out this relationship by our own example.
• Raise our child to know that they have a mom and dad who both love them unconditionally.
• Raise our child to understand that challenges in life are inevitable, but we can overcome them through faith, grace, and perseverance.
• Strive to do our best to nurture our child with the talents and gifts that they are given and also to encourage them in the areas where they feel less confident.
• Always seek to understand and respect our child’s feelings, even when it’s hard or difficult to do so.
• Do our best to show our child that we’re always on their side and eager to listen to whatever is on their heart.
• We will always stay open to a relationship in this adoption that is healthy and positive for all involved. Raising our child to know where they came from and how loved they are will always be a priority in our home.

Thank you for considering adoption. Even if it’s not the path that you choose, we know that the road ahead may not be easy and we pray that you’ll find the courage to make a decision that is best for you and your child.

With Love,
Tom and Mer

Who we are as a family:

We enjoy doing the “little things” together. Whether it’s spending time with our families (including our two nephews), running errands, taking Sunday naps after church with the cat, going for a walk, or grilling out on the patio – these are the moments that mean the most to us. We value spending quality time together and it doesn’t have to be anything over the top. We love to laugh (mostly at each other). We are completely committed to each other. Through the joy and through the struggles, we are always there to support one another. Our home is filled with laughter, love, comfort and cookies and we can’t wait to fill it with more of these things!

Meet Mer:
My friends say I am: Caring, creative, and soft spoken
Occupation: Patient Care Coordinator at a dental office by day, cookie decorator by night
I enjoy: Baking cookies, drinking coffee, date nights

Meet Tom:
My friends say I am: Hard-working, laid back, generous
Occupation: Landscape foreman
I enjoy: Cars/motorcycles, the outdoors, and going for walks

Our views on openness in adoption:

We recognize that the definition of “open” is not a one size fits all answer and may look different to each individual in the equation. Our desire would be to define an open relationship together in a way that works for you and offers you comfort in the days ahead. It is our hope that as our child grows, we can honor and celebrate their adoption story in a positive way, which begins with you! We are excited to get to know you and are committed to building an ongoing relationship as we navigate through the good, the awkward, and most blessed parts of this journey together!

Tom and Mer
Tom and Mer
Tom and Mer
Tom and Mer
Tom and Mer
Tom and Mer
Tom and Mer
Tom and Mer
Tom and Mer