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At New Life Adoptions, we believe that education is key to a successful adoption. We provide prospective and waiting adoptive families with resources and information to help prepare you for adoption. We offer a variety of educational resources that help families learn about the different facets of adoption and help equip you for the journey of parenting and adoptive parenting.

As part of the home study process, you will be required to attend or participate in a variety of educational opportunities including:

We also provide you with an additional list of recommended reading and resources on topics related to the adoption process, birth parents, openness, and parenting.  

If you have not started the adoption process yet, but would like some educational resources to help you learn more, call our Adoption Line at 612-746-5658.

When we attended our first informational meeting and got to meet some of the staff at New Life, we were blown away by how warm and welcoming the staff at New Life was, but we also appreciated how upfront they were about the fees and the whole process. It was really refreshing to me to see them be so transparent. It really helped set the tone.