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We would love to hear your adoption story and help you share it with others.

Your story is a part of our history! Sharing your story and reflecting on how your life has been impacted by adoption can be so helpful to others.

New Life Adoptions has a number of opportunities available in which your story can be used to positively impact others.

1. Adoption Panel
Answer questions about your adoption story at a New Life Adoptions hosted training. Sit on a panel with 3-6 others who have a similar story and use your experience to educate others. Topics for panels include adoption relationships, openness, transracial parenting, and more.

2. Public Speaking
Share your story with groups (small or large) ranging from high school classrooms, adoption event panels, church congregations, small groups, or New Life fundraising events.

3. Printed Marketing Materials
Allow your story to be used in our printed marketing materials to help educate and inform the community about our services. Marketing materials may include brochures, newsletters, annual reports, etc.

4. Blog and Website
New Life Adoptions regularly publishes stories on our website. These online stories are often shared with others allowing your story to have a greater reach and impact to those who may need to hear the encouragement your story provides. We also love to have past clients write a guest post for our New Life Adoptions blog.

5. One-on-One
Use your experience to help someone in the midst of the decision making process for their pregnancy or a family waiting for an adoption placement. It can be helpful for those in the middle of the process to hear from others who have been through what they are experiencing.

Ready to take the first step in sharing your story? Complete the form below. For questions, contact our Post Adoption Department at or 612-746-5670.