Not Your Typical Birth Mother


When you think about who a birth parent is, what are some common stereotypes that come to mind?

Most people have an idea of a stereotypical birth parent. Stereotypes can be based on something you have seen before, but they do not give an accurate picture of all birth parents. In our experience birth parents can be very different than who they are assumed to be.

We know each birth parent is unique, and no two adoption stories are alike. Watch the videos below to meet several birth parents, and hear their stories and reasons behind why they are not a typical birth parent.


Sammi’s Adoption Story

Meet Sammi. When Sammi became pregnant at 19, she knew she wanted to finish college, but having a baby changes everything. She struggled with her decision for the first few months of her pregnancy, but then started to look into adoption. When she first met with her social worker, she already had a family in mind who she wanted to place with. “Being pregnant and imagining what I wanted my child’s life to look like, was of course a huge factor. It’s your baby, you want to give them the best that you possibly can, and it takes a lot of strength to recognize that maybe you are not the person that can do that.” In the years since Sammi placed her daughter for adoption, she has done a lot of healing, growth, and grieving. Now, the joy and the gratitude she feels has outgrown the grief. Her relationship with her spunky and independent daughter gives her a lot of peace about her decision to place for adoption.

Jessica’s Adoption Story

Meet Jessica. When Jessica found out she was pregnant, she was a single mom to her son. She was not in a place where she felt she could parent another child. This is when she first considered adoption. Two years later, adoption has given her an extended family with her daughter and her daughter’s adoptive family.

Jean Marie’s Adoption Story

Meet Jean Marie. Jean Marie made an adoption plan for her son because she wanted what was best for him. She knew that at the time she was pregnant she could not provide that for him, despite her lifelong dream to be a mother. Now, she loves seeing her son thrive in his adoptive family.

Autumn’s Adoption Story

Meet Autumn. Autumn knew that adoption was the right choice for her from the beginning. She did not give up a child, she gained an entire family. When Autumn found out that she was pregnant, she was dealing with depression and an eating disorder. Although becoming pregnant was not her plan, it saved her life. She chose adoption because she knew that her daughter deserved the world.

Kim’s Adoption Story

Meet Kim. Kim thought she was in love with the person she was going to spend the rest of her life with when she found out she was pregnant. It turned out that the feelings were not mutual. After considering abortion, she decided adoption was the best option for her. Now, she is blessed to have a relationship with her daughter and two granddaughters.

Brittany’s Adoption Story

Meet Brittany. She and her boyfriend at the time did not know that pregnancy was even a possibility in their situation. She was in a difficult financial situation when she learned that she was pregnant. Her boyfriend, Tyus, left after finding out about the pregnancy. Although adoption was a really difficult decision, she knew that it was the right choice for her. A year after placing their daughter, she and Tyus got married. They see their daughter regularly, and they are so proud of who she is. They still feel adoption was the best decision for their daughter even though they got married afterward.

Tyus’s Adoption Story

Meet Tyus. When his girlfriend, Brittany, became pregnant he had been struggling with addiction. This led him to the decision that adoption would be the best option in their situation. “It’s always easy to take the easiest option because you’re scared, but when you think of making any decision under the pretense of fear it’s never the right answer.” Fast forward, he and Brittany got married, and he has been clean for two years. Tyus chose to become a better person because of his daughter, and he is continually amazed at what she can do.