who we are

At New Life Adoptions, we believe that adoption is more than a transaction between two parties. Every adoption relationship matters, regardless of how much contact you have with each other ongoing. We are committed to helping you make a plan that works well for the birth parents, adoptive family, and especially the child long after the adoption is complete.

One of the best ways to understand how adoption works is to hear stories from those who are in adoption relationships. Read first hand accounts from our adoptive families, birth parents, and adoptees.

New Life Adoptions is a full service, domestic infant adoption agency licensed by the state of Minnesota since 1980. We provide comprehensive adoption services for both birth parents and adoptive parents.

Our Philosophy

We believe in open adoption relationships. 

There are many benefits to having some level of openness in an adoption relationship – benefits to the adoptive family, to the birth parents, and especially to the child. Through openness, the birth family and adoptive family become an extended family of adoption. The majority of adoptions facilitated by New Life Adoptions are open. Our staff will work with you to determine what level of openness will work for your situation.

We believe in providing families for children, not children for families.

Some adoption agencies or facilitators strive to simply provide you with an adoption as fast as possible. At New Life Adoptions, we believe that adoptive families are not built by accident or by simply choosing the next available child or parents. We will help prepare both the birth family and the adoptive family for the adoption process and help both parties navigate what the relationship will look like in the future. Our goal is that each child will know they were placed for adoption out of a loving decision and that a plan was made together between birth parents and adoptive parents for his or her benefit.

We believe in individualized support.

You are unique and so are the reasons why you are exploring adoption. This is why our services can be customized to fit your individual needs. We will walk you through the process and be there for you every step of the way, getting to know your personal situation. New Life Adoptions is also unique in the fact that we utilize a two-worker model, where adoptive families and expectant parents are assigned separate social workers. This ensures you will have a worker dedicated to advocating solely for your needs and preferences.

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