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Yes! We will talk with you about your preferences for an adoptive family and will help you through the process of selecting a family that is right for you and your child.

As a licensed adoption agency, we have many families who are ready to adopt. We help you through the process of selecting a family that is right for you and your child. Or if you know a family already, we can work with them in most cases.

Yes! You and the family you choose will create an openness plan together that defines the amount of contact you will have with each other. Openness in adoption may include texts, letters, pictures and visits.

You can change your mind about placing your child until your signed consents to the adoption become final. In Minnesota, consents are signed between 72 hours and 60 days after birth. Once signed, there is a 10 business day period until the consent is final.

In Minnesota, a father does not legally need to be involved unless he is married to the mother or has earned the right to notice of the adoption. We will talk through your unique situation and can meet with both of you together or separately, depending on your preference. We will assist you with the legal steps to complete a secure adoption.

The decision to place a child for adoption is a difficult one and will involve unselfish sacrifice. However, choosing adoption can be a very loving and mature decision. Through meeting with an Expectant Parent Social Worker, you will have the opportunity to talk through your emotions and thoughts on adoption, your fears or concerns about what to expect when making an adoption plan and how to take care of yourself through the process. You can make many of the decisions about how you want the plan to go, all of which can help you through this process. You may also choose to talk with birth moms who have made this decision as well.

Open adoption is a very broad term, and can include many variables. At New Life Adoptions, we use the term open adoption to mean that you have the opportunity to choose a prospective adoptive family, meet with that family before and after the birth of your child, and maintain contact with the child and the adoptive family throughout your lifetime. Each open adoption is unique, and how you ultimately decide to stay in touch is up to you. At New Life Adoptions, your Expectant Parent Social Worker can assist you in deciding what level of openness is right for you.

New Life Adoptions is a non-profit organization that offers free decision-making counseling and adoption services for you, your child’s father, and your families.