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At New Life Adoptions, we realize that adoption is a lifelong journey and different adoption-related needs arise throughout the years. New Life is committed to offering birth parents, adopted adults, and adoptive families support any time after your adoption is complete.

Our Post Adoption department is here to assist you in seeking answers to your questions, searching for your birth family or the child you placed for adoption, reconnecting after you have lost contact, or exploring opportunities for new levels of openness.

We also want to stay connected with you! Even if you correspond with the adoptive family or birth family directly, please keep your information current with New Life Adoptions so we can keep you informed of important events and resources along with information relevant to your adoption.

Post Adoption Services 

New Life Adoption’s post adoption services are not a substitute for counseling or therapy. If adoption-related matters need to be managed by a professional therapist, we will help you find appropriate referrals. 


While many birth parents and adoptive parents correspond with each other directly, New Life can also serve as the intermediary for correspondence between parties. For example, if an adoptive family and a birth parent want to exchange letters and pictures a few times a year but personal mailing addresses have not been shared, New Life Adoptions can facilitate correspondence.

Coordination of In-person Contact

New Life’s Post Adoption Social Worker is available to coordinate and/or facilitate in-person contact between adoptive parties who do not have direct contact with one another. Meetings can be held in a neutral location or at one of New Life Adoption’s offices as well.

Ongoing Assistance with an Adoptive Relationship

At New Life Adoptions, most of the placements have some level of openness which may grow and change over time. New Life’s Post Adoption Social Worker is available to provide openness consultation for any member of the adoption triad as needed.

Obtaining Information from My File

New Life Adoptions maintains detailed adoption files as required by law. Information may be obtained from your adoption file, such as a social and medical history.

Requesting Non-identifying Background Information from My File

If you are an adopted adult or a parent of a minor adopted child you may request a summary of the social and medical background information regarding the adopted person’s birth family. This summary is compiled from information located in the file at the time of placement. It may include information about the birth family such as physical descriptions, ethnic background, religious affiliation, education level, talents, or hobbies. No identifying information about the birth family will be included in this summary.

Search and Reunion Services

New Life Adoptions can search for a party whose contact information has been lost or outdated and/or facilitate the reuniting of two parties who have little or no contact through our Search and Reunion Services. There are a lot of things to think about as you start a search or attempt to reconnect after time has passed. We can help you talk through your options and provide support as you initiate your search.

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