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At New Life Adoptions, we believe that every family coming to adoption is on a unique journey, and we want to walk with you through that journey, regardless of whether you just started exploring adoption or are already matched with an expectant parent. It is our goal to help you build your family through adoption while supporting and encouraging you along the way.

New Life Adoptions provides full and limited domestic adoption services to birth parents and adoptive families as well as home studies for embryo adoption. New Life Adoptions is licensed by the State of Minnesota; however, interstate adoptions are common. If you are a family living in Minnesota and connected with a birth mother from another state, we can provide services to you and help her get connected to professionals in her area to assist her in her state.

Adoption is more than a transaction between two parties. We utilize a two-worker model so that you and the expectant parent(s) both have an advocate throughout the process to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Our goal is to assist both you and the birth parents through the process so that when the adoption is final, you are able to continue some kind of relationship ongoing.

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