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We know adoptive families, birth families, and adopted adults continue to need support and education even after their adoption is finalized. New Life hosts a variety of post adoption seminars to provide ongoing support and help connect you with others who may be in similar stages.

Post Adoption Seminar: An Inside Look at Search and Reunion

At this seminar a panel of birth parents and adopted persons shared about their search and reunion experience. They shared about why they chose to search, what that process was like, and how their relationship developed from there.

To view a video of this past seminar contact our Post Adoption Social Worker at the information below.

Adoptive Triad Panel
This seminar features a panel of all members of the adoption relationship: the adopted person, adoptive parents, and birth parents. You will hear the birth parent(s) share about their journey in making an adoption plan, the adoptive parent’s story about what led them to pursue adoption, and the adopted person’s experience in this unique relationship.

To view a video of our last Adoptive Triad Panel contact our Post Adoption Social Worker at the information below.

Adoptee Panel
This seminar is focused on adoption from the adopted child’s perspective. This panel features adopted children of various ages who will share their experience and adoption story. The panel will speak about their experience growing up, their level of openness with their birth family, and offer insightful advice on how to support your adopted children.

Date TBD

Navigating Relationships
Families of adoption often have unique relationships that other families may not experience. There can be a lot to navigate within these unique relationships and you may not always feel fully equipped to handle them. Whether it is a relationship with a birth family, a relationship between and adopted child and a biological child, or navigating transracial relationships within your family, it may feel like you are alone in your experience. Come hear a panel of adoptive families talk about their experience navigating the many relationships within adoption.

Date TBD

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Preregistration is required by contacting the Post Adoption Social Worker.