Come to the Table

birth mother brunch

For years I received an invitation to New Life Adoptions’ Birth Mother’s Event, and for years I had one excuse or another to not attend. I think it really just came down to being afraid. Then one year I felt this nudge to just go and check it out. I was no longer afraid but ready to face whatever emotions would come up by attending. Nothing could have prepared me for walking into a room FULL of birth mothers. It was overwhelming and awesome at the same time. I did not know a single person there, but yet I felt I was right where I belonged.

The ladies at my table shared their adoption journey stories and I felt a connection I had not felt before. When the speakers shared their stories that were intertwined with the adoptive parents and their child, it gave me a new perspective of the whole process and how it affects everyone involved. Through it all there was love. So much love and courage.

The brave women at my table inspired the following poem…


About the Author: Cindy Clough Schramm is a birth mother who placed her daughter through New Life Adoptions in 1990 and was joyously reunited with her in 2011. She is a poet, writer and avid reader. She has overcome many trials in her life with her faith, and she hopes to inspire, encourage, and give hope to others through her writing. Cindy enjoys flavored lattes, anything chocolate, good books, flower gardening, nature walks, and lazy days at the lake. You can find her writing a on Facebook and Instagram.