National Adoption Month

November is recognized as National Adoption Month. Originally, only one week was designated to honor and create awareness about adoption, but it has now been expanded to National Adoption Month for over 20 years. In the month of November, those who have been touched by adoption can come together to promote awareness, share how adoption impacts their lives, and advocate for adoption. These are all wonderful things that can help change negative perceptions about adoption.

Do you have plans to celebrate and reflect on the way adoption has impacted your life?

National Adoption Month is great time to share your adoption story and spread the word about the beauty and uniqueness of your story with those around you. Do you have plans to celebrate and reflect on the way adoption has impacted your life?

Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Share your story
At New Life Adoptions, we have many opportunities for you to share your story. Some options include:

  • Public Speaking: share your story on a panel, at an event, or in a small group setting
  • Share in writing: share in a newsletter, on our website, or be a guest blogger for us!
  • Sharing one-on-one: meet with a family or expectant parent who is considering adoption to share what the process was like for you

2. Read an adoption positive book
Not only is reading with your child a great way to bond, reading a book about adoption can help give your child a positive outlook about their adoption story.

3. Watch an adoption positive movie or TV show

Spending time as a family watching a movie or TV show that positively portrays adoption helps teach your kids that being an adoptive family is something to be proud of.

4. Write a letter to the adoptive family, child, or birth family

National Adoption Month is a great time to reach out to the adoptive family, birth family, or the child who was placed to remind them that you care for them and you are grateful that you can be a part of their lives.

5. Start an adoption month tradition with your family
Choose an activity that you enjoy, invite your family and friends to join you, and make it a celebration every year! You can even take photos of your tradition and share them on social media to share with others about adoption.

6. Make a photo memory book to tell your adoption story

Memory books, or life books, are a great way to share your adoption story with your children and those close to you. Let your children take part in adding to this book as they get older.

7. Attend an adoption support group
There are in person support groups and online platforms that can connect you with others who have adoption as part of their story. This is a great way to offer support and build connections with others who have been impacted by adoption.

8. Cook a meal celebrating your family or child’s birth family heritage

Incorporating your child’s birth family heritage into your National Adoption Month tradition is just another way to celebrate how your family was uniquely built through adoption.

9. Start a blog documenting your adoption story

Sharing your story will help others learn more about what adoption looks like and how it plays out. If you choose to share your story publicly, be sure to be sensitive to the other party’s information.

10. Post on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag, #NewLifeAdoptionsMN
Social media is an effective way to increase awareness for adoption. Share your story and don’t forget to tag us in your post!

11. Like and follow our New Life Adoptions Facebook and Instagram accounts

You can see how others are celebrating their adoption story!

Each adoption story is unique and we know there are many creative ways to recognize and celebrate this month.

With a personal connection to the adoption journey, you can serve as a voice for adoption with your own experience! Each adoption story is unique and we know there are many creative ways to recognize and celebrate this month.

What other ways have you celebrated National Adoption Month?