November is National Adoption Month! This is a wonderful time to celebrate the families and individuals impacted by adoption. During November, those who have been touched by adoption can come together to promote awareness, share how adoption impacts their lives, and advocate for adoption. These are all wonderful things that can help change negative perceptions about adoption. This year, we want to hear your adoption story! Your stories are a blessing and encouragement not only to those of us at New Life Adoptions, but also to the friends and family in your life.

Use this month as an opportunity to share your story with your friends and family, while en­tering to win some amazing prizes. Remember to Like and Follow our New Life Adoptions Facebook and Instagram pages to see the client stories we will share throughout the month!

Facebook Profile Frame

New Life Adoptions has created two profile frames for National Adoption Month! Update your profile picture with this frame to share your support of adoption and New Life Adoptions. Simply go to “update your profile picture,” select “Choose a Frame,” and search for New Life Adoptions. Using one of these frames is an easy way to let your friends and family know that adoption is a part of your story or simply that you support adoption!

Video Contest

Grab your spouse, child, neighbor, or friend and create a short video sharing your adoption story (3 minutes or less). Maybe it’s a tribute to your child’s birth parent or an interview of your child with their thoughts on adoption. Post your video to social media using hashtag #nationaladoptionmonth and tag @newlifeadoptionofsmn for an entry to win a $200 Target gift card.

Photo Contest

Post a photo and share what you admire about another party in your adoption! What do you appreciate about your child’s birth parents? What does adoption mean to you? What do you enjoy doing with your child’s adoptive family? Be creative while highlighting those in your extended family of adoption! Use hashtag #nationaladoptionmonth and tag @newlifeadoptionsofmn. All submission will be entered to win a basket full of amazing goodies!

You may enter each drawing more than once by posting throughout the month. Any posts that do not tag @newlifeadoptionsofmn will not be entered into a drawing. The winners of each drawing will be announced in December.

Submit Your Story Online

Did you know you can submit your story through our website and let us know how you would like it to be used? We have a variety of opportunities including speaking, writing for our blog, meeting with waiting families, or sharing on a panel. Review opportunities and submit your story on our Share Your Story page.

Prospective Adoptive Families

Families who are waiting to adopt, you can share your story, too! This can be a great way to spread the word that you are in the adoption process and potentially get connected with expectant parents through word of mouth. As always, keep your social worker in the loop about any potential connections with expectant mothers and refer to your networking guidelines handouts for additional considerations.

  • Use one of New Life Adoptions’ profile picture frames on Facebook to share with your network about National Adoption Month.
  • Share a photo or video on social media about why you want to adopt. Don’t forget to tag @newlifeadoptionsofmn for an entry to win one of the prizes listed above!
  • Share a post on your social media that includes the link to your New Life Adoptions website profile on our Find a Family page. This will make it easier for those who may know an expectant mother who is considering adoption to direct her to your profile. If you are comfortable in doing so, consider making your post public. Encourage your friends and family members to like and share the post so more people see it!