Adoption Support Through MN ADOPT

Adoption Support Through MN ADOPT

If you have ever attended one of our seminars or received a list of resources from New Life Adoptions, you have likely heard of MN ADOPT. They are a wonderful, local organization that offers many resources related to adoption. Their mission is, “To find and strengthen Minnesota adoptive, foster care and kinship families” ( While they have a large focus on foster care and kinship situations, MN ADOPT has a lot to offer to all parties who have gone through domestic infant adoption as well.

Help Program

We often refer clients to MN ADOPT’s HELP Program. Any party of adoption can call or email their HELP Line to access support and guidance from knowledgeable adoption professionals. They provide a listening ear and resources tailored to your unique situation, then offer guidance for what steps to take.

Adoption Competent Therapists

MN ADOPT has a large list of adoption competent therapists on their website, and the list can be searched by county. When looking for a therapist, it is important to find one who understands adoption. This is why a list of vetted, adoption competent therapists is so beneficial. You can trust that these therapists understand adoption, and they can help you navigate a variety of different issues. Not sure where to start or have additional questions before calling a therapist? You can call the HELP line first to get you started.


MN ADOPT has many different educational opportunities covering a variety adoption related subjects. They offer workshops where professionals share about common topics in adoption. In addition to their regular workshops, they have a whole library of recorded seminars that can be searched by topic.

Support Groups

Have you ever been interested in finding an adoption related support group in Minnesota? Check out MN ADOPT’s lists of support groups for adoptive families, children and youth, adult adoptees, and birth families. They make it easy to connect with others who may have a similar experience to you.

MN ADOPT is a great resource for any party of adoption. Check out our resource page or contact us for additional post adoption resources.