An Angel’s Love

An Angel’s Love

The love between a parent and child is so strong – it transcends time.  When I wrote this poem I was 14 years old and had recently stayed at my favorite aunt and uncle’s house. My uncle had taken me on a fun outing and during our time together he asked about my birth mother. He wondered if I’d like to meet her someday. I had never been asked that before.

Our family talked openly about the fact that my sister and I were adopted, but no one had ever taken the time to ask me about my feelings. It really sparked something in me and I couldn’t stop thinking about my birth mother. The question about how I was feeling made me think about everything my birth mother must have felt at the time of placing me. Although it was a closed adoption, we were blessed to be able to reunite a few years later.

 “An Angel’s Love”

By Christina

I felt her kiss my face
So warm was her embrace
As she clasp my little hand
She held on at my command
And she whispered in my ear,
“Sweet dreams my little dear,
My little girl with soft blonde hair,
A golden halo hidden there,
And beautiful blue eyes.”
She said she thought I was an angel in disguise.
Or else her little dove,
Sent to her from arms above
White and pure and perfect.
She said,
“You must fly where angels tread.
If only I could keep you forever and ever.
Yes, this is my plan, my lofty endeavor,
My beautiful dream that can’t seem to come true.
Soon you’ll be with another family,
And they will give you everything,
Maybe a halo, to go with those wings.”
I think then I understood,
As I looked up from her warm hold,
As the story her heart told,
And as her many tears fell
I wished that I could have told her
That she was the angel in disguise
For giving me life she didn’t realize
Is the greatest gift of all.
Better yet is that she gave me love.
Yes, she is my angel,
And I am her dove.


Written by Christina, age 14, after reflecting on her birth mother, Valentine’s Day 1999.

Christina with her birth mother Louise
     on her wedding day.