Hope for the Journey – Digital Access

Hope for the Journey – Digital Access

This spring, New Life Adoptions is thrilled to offer on-demand, virtual access to the Hope for the Journey conference for the third year in a row. Our staff and many adoptive families have attended this conference and have been blown away by the real-life, hands-on, quality information that is shared each year. Whether you have attended before, or are considering it for the first time, you will learn valuable information that can be used in any situation with kids and teens of all ages.

What is it?

The Hope for the Journey Conference is presented by Show Hope. They offer training for adoptive and foster parents that features Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI) methods developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross from the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development. Their goal is to empower parents and care givers to build a connection with children who come from hard places.

Who can benefit?

Anyone! While the focus of the conference is on adoptive and foster parents, the practical teaching can be applied by anyone who is working with children and adolescents in any capacity. Not all children who struggle have been involved with adoption or foster care, and many may not have had obvious trauma in their lives. The impacts of drug or alcohol exposure or intrauterine trauma and stress during pregnancy can have impacts on a child’s behavior and development. This training can offer another way to connect with children to help them thrive.

When is it available?

Digital access to this conference will be available April 14th – June 30th 2023.

Participants can watch at their own pace on their own time with this flexible format. See our Events Page or visit Show Hope’s website for more information.

This conference is open to anyone, so invite your friends, family members, or church to participate. We suggest a $20 donation per person or $30 donation per couple to help cover the costs of hosting this conference.

Contact us to learn more or to register at info@newlifeadoptionsmn.org.