Unplanned Pregnancy: What Options Are There?

Unplanned Pregnancy: What Options Are There?

Talking about the options available to women who find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy is a very hot topic right now. While some may not see adoption as a viable option for any woman, others may advocate that it is the right choice for everyone in this situation. It can be so confusing to know what the “right” choice is. Often, it is more complicated than choosing option A, B or C.

Two Decisions

In our years of adoption experience, we have seen the decision-making process play out in a number of ways. While each situation is unique, themes arise over time. One of these themes is that choosing between abortion, adoption, and parenting does not come in a “one and done” decision. Many women first need to make the decision between abortion and carrying their pregnancy to full term. For some women, this is an easy choice. For others they may go back and forth for weeks or more. If a woman decides to carry her pregnancy, she will need to start thinking about her second decision – parenting or adoption.

…choosing between abortion, adoption, and parenting does not come in a “one and done” decision.

Is Adoption The “Right” Choice?

Can we say that adoption is the right choice for everyone? No. But that is the same as ANY decision in life. There is no cookie cutter “right” decision that applies to everyone in every situation. Our goal is to help expectant parents really think through their options to make the best decision for them and their child. We don’t want anyone to feel forced into a decision that they can’t feel confident in.

What is Right?

So, what is the right decision for a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy? The simple answer is that only she can determine that. New Life Adoptions is available and equipped to talk through this important decision, provide information about all of her options, and help connect her with the resources that she needs to feel confident in her decision, whatever that may be.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, or you know a woman who is, contact us today to learn more about our services.

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