Dear Foster Parents

Dear Foster Parents

Dear Foster Parents,

May is National Foster Care month, so we wanted to share this letter to recognize and thank you as a New Life Adoptions foster parent. Whether you are a current foster parent or you have given generously of your time, home, and love years ago, your commitment to serve in this capacity makes it possible for us to provide the option of foster care for clients who may need a little more time to make a plan for their child, no matter the reason.

There are not enough words to express how truly grateful we are for you. You willingly sacrifice so much by being a foster parent, and this list does not even begin to touch them all.

Thank you for…

completing all the paperwork and education required to keep your home study updated every year, even when you may go months or years without a child placed in your home.

stopping everything to learn about a situation that may or may not turn into a foster care placement.

buying baby clothes, diapers, and formula just in case you are needed for a placement.

changing your plans, and often dropping everything at a moment’s notice, to meet the social worker and birth family at the hospital for discharge.

bringing these precious babies home from the hospital and caring for them 24/7 until a permanent plan is made.

enduring sleepless nights to ensure these babies feel safe and loved knowing that all their needs are being met.

caring for these babies so a birth parent has time to make the best choice for their child.

scheduling and attending doctor’s appointments to make sure these little ones are healthy and thriving.

following the many strict rules required with foster care to ensure the safety of each child.

participating in visits with birth parents and adoptive parents and passing on your knowledge of the baby to them.

rearranging your schedule, plans, and vacations in order to care for a baby.

keeping records and pictures of your time with each child so that once he/she is in their permanent home, they have knowledge of that time in their lives.

saying “Goodbye” so that each precious baby can say “Hello” to their forever family.

Thank you for all of this and more,

The New Life Adoptions’ Team